Your manufactured or modular home exterior can stun just like any other home…here’s how! 

We recently received a comment from a reader on one of our blogs asking a very great question. “What is the best way to make it look more like a site-built home?” We’re sure lots of you might be wondering the same thing! This might come as a surprise, but there are many options for upping the curb appeal of your factory-built home. Let’s get into it! 


Dormers are an extension in the sloping roof for traditional windows rather than skylights. Dormers have many benefits to add for homeowners of manufactured and modular homes. First, they accentuate the exterior of a home.  

Check out the dormers on the white home! Talk about elevating a home!

And while they do make a roof line more attractive, dormers are also constructed to create a space for the windows.  


Awnings can add a special type of sophistication to a mobile home or manufactured and modular home. Want to give your home that “site-built” feel? You’ll definitely want to consider adding an awning where it would work!  

Feast your eyes on the Orion! The awning is particularly amazing! 

For example, in the Orion (pictured above), the awning is placed over the center of the home front where typically nothing is installed due to the marriage line.  This creates a symmetrical look to the exterior, making it architecturally pleasing. 


You can add decks onto your manufactured or modular home to offer more dual indoor-outdoor space and make it look just as nice as any site-built home.   

Before you start, make sure you get whatever licensing you need to complete this project. And to avoid penalties, make sure your project aligns with coding and other local building requirements. If you’re renting land or in a community, you’ll need to check with the owner to make sure you can lay the foundation for your deck.

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Porches can come from the factory, but also can be built on-site. What’s more, is porches are a relatively easy one-stop shop for adding curb appeal to your prefabricated home. Whenever you think of a beautiful home, you likely picture it with a porch no matter how it was built. A quality porch has the potential to help your home fool anyone! 

To figure out if the porch for your dream manufactured or modular home would be built in the factory or on-site, you’ll want to get in touch with a local independent retailer who can talk to you about your options. 

Garages & Carports 

Adding a garage or a carport is one of the top ways to give your prefab home more curb appeal and fool just about anyone. Not to mention, this tip is equally helpful for you as it is impressive to others: your vehicles will have a place to stay and be protected! 

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Most carports are mounted from the side of the mobile home, where the roof meets the exterior wall, and are supported via beams on the opposite side of the driveway. This provides ample room for a car to park safely underneath.     

There are different types of garage options you can choose from, depending on variables like land size and more. Learn more specific details about how to add a garage to your manufactured home by reading the blog HERE


Adding and choosing skirting with a personal touch is a great way to make your manufactured or modular home your own while also increasing the design savvy nature and curb appeal of your home! Skirting is amazing in that it helps a factory-built home look “finished” and high-end. While many folks choose the classic white, there are also lots of options outside of it that can add some pizazz! Material options for skirting include: 

  • Vinyl Skirting For Mobile Homes 
  • Simulated “Rock” Skirting 
  • Faux Stone Skirting 
  • Concrete Skirting 
  • Brick Skirting 
  • Wood Skirting 
  • Metal Skirting 
  • Foam Skirting 

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Making your new prefabricated home fool anyone who drives by or comes in is so much easier with these tips and tricks! Let us know if you give any of them a try!  

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