Why You Should Choose A Manufactured Home Over Site-Built 

The current homebuying market is…well, let’s just say it’s something. While it can be easy in this housing climate to become overwhelmed, there are some solutions available for easing the potential stress. One of those solutions? Factory-built homes! Understandably, there are lots of questions about prefabricated homes. But factory-built housing has come a long way, and these days you can get a factory-built home that’s virtually indistinguishable from the site-built alternative.  

Here are the top reasons why your next home should be manufactured in a factory instead of built on-site! 

#1: Cost 

More people are becoming aware that “stick-at-a-time” homebuilding is very costly…and costs are only going up! And here’s the thing you might not be aware of: because of this awareness, many homes built in newer subdivisions have off-site components brought in to reduce labor costs and speed up the building time. Since labor is one of the costlier parts of building, we systemize the build of components such as walls, flooring, insulation and more. What does this mean?  We take care of building a production setting without sacrificing quality. This, as you might imagine, greatly reduces the cost of the house. 

The sheer volume of output from a Champion Homes manufacturing facility leads to economies of scale which can’t be touched by on-site construction methods. Think: more for less! When you factor this into the plethora of model options we have for you to choose from, your pocketbook will thank you for choosing factory-built! 

NOTE: Click here to read the blog ‘How to Make Your Manufactured Home Look Site-Built!’ 

You can get curb appeal and more with offsite construction!

#2: Time 

If you’ve ever had an on-site home built or know someone who has, we likely don’t have to tell you about the countless frustrating delays that are to be expected in the traditional homebuilding process. Bathroom walls need finishing, but the plumber hasn’t come? Delay. Kitchen lights need to be turned on, but the inspector hasn’t come? Delay. Rain and snow won’t let up? Delay. Fed up yet? With Champion Homes, you get a Smarter Way to Build®. That means these problems don’t exist. Seriously! In many of our manufacturing facilities, our skilled craftspeople are churning out multiple homes in a single day.  

Our superior building environment lets us take advantage of some great techniques, which streamlines processes such as wall painting, cabinet installation and more! Watch this TikTok to see some of it in action! 

Take a look at some of our smarter-built kitchens below!

#3: Quality 

If the last 2 reasons didn’t sway you enough, this last one will! Our manufactured and modular homes are built with high quality processes and materials, making them durable and perfect for any life stage you may be in. If something has to drive down a highway to get to its destination, you bet your bottom dollar it must be built in a way that sustains its strength throughout the ride. Our homes do. Every day. 

Remember those skilled craftspeople we mentioned earlier? They make a world of a difference. Here’s the thing: with a site-built home, you’ll likely work with a general contractor who will perform the bulk of the construction. You know the saying: ‘jack of all trades…’ Well, in our factories the team is divided up into specialized crews. These skilled workers do a very particular range of tasks day in and day out, and they do them very well!  

Not to mention, all of our homes (even our tiny homes) are built to very strict standards and codes, which we meet and/or surpass with each home! Whether you’re getting a manufactured home, a modular home, or a park model, you can count on getting quality!  

Not to mention, the quality reporting in off-site building is superior as well. Just like the Senate has checks and balances, our process does as well to maintain the quality from the beginning to the end. Our floor plans and designs must be approved by HUD. We have inspections in every single station of the production line, with supervisors at every level. We also have third party inspectors within the facility that will walk every house at least once but can actually inspect any house at any time in the process and as many times as they want.  

This is all in addition to our regular audits. Long story short? We take quality seriously, unlike many general contractors who can throw the tools in the truck and move on to somewhere new. 

YES, the home above IS a manufactured home!

Buying a home is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. Don’t let the growing list of pains associated with building an on-site home get you down, there’s a smarter way to build®! With Champion Homes, you can experience what building and buying a home should feel like. Ready to get that feeling now? Get in touch with a local independent retailer today!  

Up Your Curb Appeal: Dormers, Decks, Porches & More for Manufactured Homes 

Your manufactured or modular home exterior can stun just like any other home…here’s how! 

We recently received a comment from a reader on one of our blogs asking a very great question. “What is the best way to make it look more like a site-built home?” We’re sure lots of you might be wondering the same thing! This might come as a surprise, but there are many options for upping the curb appeal of your factory-built home. Let’s get into it! 


Dormers are an extension in the sloping roof for traditional windows rather than skylights. Dormers have many benefits to add for homeowners of manufactured and modular homes. First, they accentuate the exterior of a home.  

Check out the dormers on the white home! Talk about elevating a home!

And while they do make a roof line more attractive, dormers are also constructed to create a space for the windows.  


Awnings can add a special type of sophistication to a mobile home or manufactured and modular home. Want to give your home that “site-built” feel? You’ll definitely want to consider adding an awning where it would work!  

Feast your eyes on the Orion! The awning is particularly amazing! 

For example, in the Orion (pictured above), the awning is placed over the center of the home front where typically nothing is installed due to the marriage line.  This creates a symmetrical look to the exterior, making it architecturally pleasing. 


You can add decks onto your manufactured or modular home to offer more dual indoor-outdoor space and make it look just as nice as any site-built home.   

Before you start, make sure you get whatever licensing you need to complete this project. And to avoid penalties, make sure your project aligns with coding and other local building requirements. If you’re renting land or in a community, you’ll need to check with the owner to make sure you can lay the foundation for your deck.

NOTE: Want a manufactured home but not sure where to put it? Read the blog here


Porches can come from the factory, but also can be built on-site. What’s more, is porches are a relatively easy one-stop shop for adding curb appeal to your prefabricated home. Whenever you think of a beautiful home, you likely picture it with a porch no matter how it was built. A quality porch has the potential to help your home fool anyone! 

To figure out if the porch for your dream manufactured or modular home would be built in the factory or on-site, you’ll want to get in touch with a local independent retailer who can talk to you about your options. 

Garages & Carports 

Adding a garage or a carport is one of the top ways to give your prefab home more curb appeal and fool just about anyone. Not to mention, this tip is equally helpful for you as it is impressive to others: your vehicles will have a place to stay and be protected! 

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Most carports are mounted from the side of the mobile home, where the roof meets the exterior wall, and are supported via beams on the opposite side of the driveway. This provides ample room for a car to park safely underneath.     

There are different types of garage options you can choose from, depending on variables like land size and more. Learn more specific details about how to add a garage to your manufactured home by reading the blog HERE


Adding and choosing skirting with a personal touch is a great way to make your manufactured or modular home your own while also increasing the design savvy nature and curb appeal of your home! Skirting is amazing in that it helps a factory-built home look “finished” and high-end. While many folks choose the classic white, there are also lots of options outside of it that can add some pizazz! Material options for skirting include: 

  • Vinyl Skirting For Mobile Homes 
  • Simulated “Rock” Skirting 
  • Faux Stone Skirting 
  • Concrete Skirting 
  • Brick Skirting 
  • Wood Skirting 
  • Metal Skirting 
  • Foam Skirting 

Would you like to see more examples of model exteriors that really up the ante? Search for homes in your area here

Making your new prefabricated home fool anyone who drives by or comes in is so much easier with these tips and tricks! Let us know if you give any of them a try!  

Unique Range Hoods at Champion® (featuring NEW Exclusive!) 

When it comes to the heart of the home, Champion’s got you covered in style 

It’s no secret that we set trends here at Champion® Homes.  If you’d like to read more about how we stay ahead of the curve and set trends in the homebuilding and design industry, read the blog here! In this excitingly stylish blog, you’ll get a sneak peek at something new and exclusive we’ve got brewing and get a look into some of our design innovations when it comes to range hoods!  

Our exclusive matte black range hood!

Introducing Our New Exclusive Range hood! Sleek, Matte Finish, On-Trend 

This new incredibly chic range hood combines utility with class, using a high-quality filtration system to help improve air quality by reducing smoke, steam, fumes, odors and other unwanted byproducts of cooking. This range hood, which is a Champion Homes exclusive for the next year, will have you sending out dinner party invites as soon as possible!  

What are your thoughts on this new addition? Let us know in the comments! 

If you’re interested in learning what range hood options are available near you, be sure to get in touch with a local retailer who will have that information and more.  

Champion Homes Stylish Range Hoods You Should Know About 

Luckily, if you’re in the market for a manufactured home with a state-of-the-art kitchen including an eye-catching range hood, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get into some of our hottest range hoods you should definitely know about (and share with a friend).  

#1: Rustic, Rustic, Rustic!  

First up is the quintessential farmhouse range hood, found in the Pelican model! Built in our Leesville, LA manufacturing facility, this kitchen and range hood are the epitome of RUSTIC BEAUTY! 

#2: Bold Color Plays 

Next, we have the Innovation 1668H! This home is built in our Athens, TX manufacturing facility and features a range hood that brings ALL the bold color out to play! You get a splash, YOU get a splash! 

NOTE: Need help discovering which design style fits you? Take the quiz

#3: Clean & Chic! 

If sleek and modern is more of your stylistic fit, you’ve got to see the Ironclad 2856! Built in our Lillington, NC manufacturing facility, this model features a range hood that’s a complete blast from the FUTURE! 

Interested in more modern kitchens? You’ve got to check out our blog on the Cypress

#4: The Naples 

Wrapping it up with a return to the exclusive matte black range hood in a different kitchen and model, the Naples, you honestly get the best of both worlds. Somehow, this model built in our Dresden, TN manufacturing facility manages to blend warm and cool tones for an incredibly polished look! Check out that range hood in action! 

Though we could go on and on with more of our standout range hoods, we think you get the point: Champion Homes knows how to build something fantastic! Find the range hood — and the home — for you by talking to a local independent retailer today

How to Build a Garage on Your Manufactured Home 

Up Your Curb Appeal and Increase Home Value All in One!

Are you thinking of getting a garage add-on to your manufactured home? Great thinking! Not only will an attached garage improve the curb appeal and overall appearance of your home, but it will also contribute to an increased home value. Who wouldn’t want that? If you’re wondering how to go about adding a garage to your prefab home, keep reading.  

Did you know a local retailer can help you with beginning garage conversations? Click HERE to get in contact with one near you!

So, we already mentioned the benefits an attached garage will have on your home’s appearance and value, but those are just the beginning! Some other benefits include: 

  • Protection for your car against the elements and any potential theft attempts 
  • More room for storage or hobbies  
  • Entering the home from within the garage when needed 

The best thing about finding your dream home through Champion® Homes is that many of our innovative models are garage-friendly and relatively easy to add a garage to your home.  

Different Types of Garages and Orientations for Factory-Built Homes 

Something very important to think about when planning your garage attachment is the attachment style you’d like to use, and the foundational support.  


As the name implies, an attached garage is connected to the manufactured home.  The attached garage is site-constructed through the local permitting process and can be designed as a small single car or a much larger 2-3 car version. It can be built structurally independent using four walls or structurally dependent using 3 walls.  A structurally independent garage is often considered easier because it does not require special changes to the home’s foundation.  The orientation of the garage is also an important consideration.  Depending on your site plan, a garage can be located on a home side wall to create an “L” shape or on an end wall to maintain a traditional ranch style appearance.     

A manufactured home may also require certain additional features for the attached garage.  Strategically positioned exterior doors and home siding adjusts are a couple examples of things we can do in the factory, so your attached garage is a perfect fit on site.  A great time to build an attached garage is often during the home set process.  The efficiency associated with various construction trades already being on site usually leads to cost savings.   

Click here to find the perfect home that meets your needs!


As the name implies, a detached garage is not connected to the home.  It is a great option when various circumstances such as garage size, curb appeal issues, or code compliance issues make an attached garage option impractical.  A detached garage falls completely under the control of your local codes and jurisdiction. It requires many of the same planning and design considerations as an attached garage.  Your local building department and contractor can help with site planning, permitting, as well as design considerations to ensure your vision is realized.  

Our engineers can provide a booklet for reference. 


  1. Decide to add a garage onto your manufactured home. Ready for a garage? Take a look at the different types of garages available through your builder and try to envision how it will look on your property. If your home isn’t yet built, ask your builder for their recommendations. 
  1. Discover if your home can support an attached garage. If your home is already built and installed, you may still be able to add an attached garage. Have a contractor or design professional check your home and property for suitability in accommodating an attached garage. This step may require some simple design planning to ensure code compliance and site setback requirements are established. Also, if an attached garage is not practical, you may still be able to consider a detached garage instead. 
  1. Select a contractor and review your plans. Ensure that you work with a reputable contractor experienced with manufactured housing.  If you’re adding a garage to an existing home, consider engaging the builder that set the home originally.  This may help ensure that you are making the best and safest decision regarding your home and new garage. They may have additional insight or tips to help you along your garage journey.  

TIP: Not planning to build the garage right away? Depending on your timeline, it may be a good idea to save extra matching shingle and siding materials when the home is built so that you’ll have a perfect color match when you do decide to build.  

  1. Prepare for construction! The moment you’ve been waiting for! Your contractor needs to make sure you have the proper permitting, foundation, and other preliminary work needed to support a successful project.  Be sure to remember that Champion may be a nice resource for numerous construction details, especially those directly related to home attachment.    

There you have it! Would you be interested in a blog on how to add a garage to a modular home? Let us know in the comments! 

WATCH: We’re on Lifetime TV’s Military Makeover: Operation Career! 

Watch the special to learn about Champion’s commitment to our veterans

This is not a drill: Champion® Homes and Star Fleet Trucking will be featured in a full episode of Military Makeover: Operation Career on Lifetime Television. As part of the special, you’ll be able to meet and follow along with 3 of our employees who have bravely served their country in the United States Military as they speak about how they transfer the skills and values they gained in duty to their roles here at Champion. 

Behind -the-scenes!

You’ll also hear from our President and CEO, Mark Yost, as he speaks to the importance of hiring and valuing veterans in the workforce. At Champion Homes, we take very seriously our company-wide dedication to provide quality homes to hard-working Americans, and hiring veterans fits perfectly in line with that goal.  

Get to Know More About the Featured Employees:

While we proudly employ many veterans on our team at Champion Homes, the Military Makeover: Operation Career special will feature 3 from various areas in Champion Homes and Star Fleet Trucking. You’ll learn more about their stories in the episode, but here’s an intro on who they are and what they do: 

  • Trish Nowak, Safety Director for Star Fleet Trucking  
  • Ron Baer, Jr., Star Fleet Truck Driver  
  • Scott Kennemuth, former Operations Manager for Champion Homes 

Hosted by Montel Williams, Military Makeover: Operation Career speaks to the opportunities we offer veterans at Champion Homes and Star Fleet Trucking

How Can I Watch the Special? 

Many of us personally know someone who has served in the U.S. Military, so this episode will surely warm your heart and remind you of the freedoms to cherish every day. If you’re interested in watching the Champion Homes and Star Fleet Trucking episode of Military Makeover: Operation Career, keep reading. 

The show airs on November 30th at 7:30 AM EST/PST time on Lifetime TV.  

All About Prefab Homes 

Get the 4-1-1 on Prefabricated Homes and Their Benefits

Though they’ve been around for over 100 years, prefab homes are becoming an increasingly popular housing option for homebuyers looking to make a purchase that’s affordable and sustainable. As their popularity soars, your curiosity is sure to grow with it! If you want to know what there is to know about prefabricated homes and how to get your own, keep reading! 

Model 2444 will bring all your #coastalvibes dreams to life! 

First thing first, what is a prefab home? Well, another term for prefabricated homes is “factory-built homes.” This second term might shed more light on what a prefab home really is: a home built and designed in an off-site facility and then transported to the site for assembly and finishing. Prefabricated homes are brought to their final site about 90% already done.  

The World of Prefab Homes

So, now you know “prefabricated” refers to how and where a home is built. Now it’s time to learn about the different types of prefabricated homes available to you! 

  • Manufactured 
    • Factory-built homes built to the HUD code. To learn more about manufactured homes, click HERE.  
  • Modular 
    • Factory-built homes built to local and state codes. To learn more about modular homes, click HERE.  

The Claremont

Why Are Prefabricated Homes More Affordable? 

Factory-built homes are more affordable because they are more efficient. Let us explain. Having the luxury of building homes in a climate-controlled facility means a lot of great things. One of those means being able to pre-plan and pre-buy materials according to what we know we will build each day. This means fewer materials are wasted because we can allot what we buy to our standard building output. Also, using a skilled labor force means workers are assembled efficiently as well. This means multiple homes are finished in our building facilities every day!  

What Are Some More Benefits of Prefabricated Homes? 

Sustainability, energy efficiency and timeline, just to name a few! 

And there you have it! As you can probably see, prefab homes are pretty darn cool! And at Champion® Homes, we like to think ours are the coolest. Ready to make the leap into factory-built housing? Talk to a retailer near you for your best options today!