In this blog, we’ll detail why Park Models give you the benefits of tiny home living, without having to make tiny home compromises.  

Tiny home living is really trendy right now, and we totally understand why! Saving money, living greener and the ability to have a bohemian lifestyle are just a few of the many reasons to consider it. But may we suggest something even better? Park Model Living. Yep, with a Park Model, there are numerous additional reasons to consider going this route instead of building a tiny home. Here are some of those reasons and differences.  

When it comes to tiny homes, there’s no set standard for quality and safety. This means there’s likely no regulation that the cute tiny home floor plan you’re eyeing may not even be fit to be a home. Park Models, which are under 400 sq. Ft., are built to a certain standard of quality and safety, unlike the unofficial “tiny home.” Park Models can also be built to the ANSI Code.

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Park Models are cute, quaint getaways!

On to that “bohemian lifestyle” we mentioned earlier. If you’re looking to live where there’s always an oasis waiting for you to escape to, Park Models are definitely the superior housing option. Park models can be housed on private rural property in most states, as well as on most RV campgrounds and in resorts around the country. Many parks have attractive amenities such as pools & hot tubs, nightly bonfires and more! So basically, your life is a vacation. We’re already jealous! 

Okay, and we can’t forget to mention possibly the biggest advantage park models have over tiny homes: full sized appliances! Yes, Park Models offer full-sized amenities such as kitchens and baths, so you don’t have to compromise on essential comforts. Thinking about that upcoming trip with the grandkids? Now you can make it possible…without having to pull your hair out.  

Now, to the less cool but extremely important matter: financing. Maybe you’re in the market for a tiny home prefab and can’t find the options for your land. Maybe you cannot quite find the balance of attractiveness and ease. Then the solution to your problem is likely a Park Model! The RVIA park model label you’ll find by the front door of our park models makes them easy to finance and insure. 

While tiny homes and park models do have a lot of similarities, the differences make all the difference. If you’re looking for a comfortable option that you can place for a return adventure, a Park Model is your best bet. Interested in a Park Model? Find the floor plan for you today!  

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