WATCH! Chance’s Home World Tours Our Triple-Section Home

Factory-built homes are really taking off in the social media world. We’re not surprised! The thing is, prefab homes have growing advantages over site-built homes, including price, attainability and more! If you’re tapped into the factory-built home trend on YouTube, you likely know and have watched a video or two by Chance’s Home World.

Chance’s channel is known for it’s down-to-earth home tours with real facts, real opinions and real variety! We are excited to announce that Chance has toured a number of our homes on his channel, one of which we’re featuring today!

In this video, Chance gives a thorough tour of our American Freedom 4074HD! Built in our Chandler, AZ manufacturing facility, this stunning home features 2,617 Square Feet, 2 porches, and…well, watch the video to see for yourself!

Here are some of people’s thoughts from the comments:

Check out some of the comments this model received on Chance's Home World!

Watch the video above or by clicking here! Looking for something more entry level? Check out a model of ours on Chance’s second channel, Collier’s Home World!

The THS1448AV 

Welcome back to another Featured Homes blog! As today’s home shoppers and their developing needs continue to innovate the homebuilding industry, we at Champion® are focusing on staying on top of trends while continuing to create homes that exceed expectations.   

Introducing the THS1448AV – a remarkable manufactured tiny home that offers a perfect blend of style, functionality, and affordability. With 640 square feet (about twice the area of a parking space) of living space, this single-section home is designed to provide comfortable and convenient living for individuals or couples seeking a cozy retreat or an affordable vacation home.

As you step onto the 8-foot porch entrance, you’ll immediately notice the abundance of natural light flooding through the large windows, creating an inviting and airy ambiance. The THS1448AV boasts a chic exterior that stands out with its trendy appeal.

Inside, the rustic kitchen is equipped with high-quality Whirlpool® appliances, ensuring that every meal preparation is both efficient and enjoyable. The living room features an entertainment center, so you can relax and unwind with your favorite shows and tunes after a long day. 

The spacious bedroom comes complete with a closet that provides ample space for your belongings. Additionally, this tiny home includes a washer and dryer for added convenience. The bathroom showcases a tile shower for a touch of luxury. 

Whether you’re looking to downsize or seeking an affordable vacation getaway, this tiny house offers everything you need in one compact package. Built in our Mansfield, TX manufacturing facility, this great home combines style with practicality. Experience the joy of factory-built living at its finest with the THS1448AV!  

Ready to find the Champion-built tiny home for you? Reach out to an independent local retailer today! 

QUIZ: Which Champion Homes Kitchen is Best for You?

Ah, the kitchen. It’s no secret that many refer to it as the “heart” of the home. Fun fact: The Average American Spends 37 Minutes a Day in the Kitchen. Because of that, many of us can be pretty particular about how we’d like our kitchen to look and feel. We get it!

Take this super fun quiz and find out which of our homes has a kitchen you’ll love. Spoiler alert: this quiz only scratches the surface! We guarantee you’ll be able to find multiple kitchens that tickle your fancy, so feel free to search for models available where you plan on building! In the mean time, it’s quiz time!

Which kitchen did you get as a result? Let us know in the comments!

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The Nova 

Welcome back to another Featured Homes blog! We’re sure you will gravitate towards this amazing multi-section home, the Nova! This innovatively designed home is built in our York, NE manufacturing facility, and some models can be found in Sun Communities, a manufactured home community housing many of our beautiful homes.  

Take a virtual tour of this home by clicking here

This home is one of our brightest builds, with an eye-catching exterior and spacious interior. It weighs in at 1,413 sq. ft. with 3 beds and 2 baths. Let’s rev our rocket up and get into this beautiful manufactured home, shall we? 

You enter this home and come immediately into the open concept dining room and kitchen, featuring stainless steel appliances and an impressive island with additional seating. Think of all the delicious meals you could cook up in this space!  

What breakfast food is the moon known for serving? 

Crescents! 😉

The kitchen naturally flows to either the utility area or the living room…you choose! If it’s the latter, prepare for tons of natural light. If it’s the former? You’ll be glad to find plenty of storage space. Let’s continue our orbit past these two spaces, to the hallway.

You’ll first pass the primary suite, featuring a roomy closet, chic tiling in the shower and more to love! Back to the hallway, you’ll be greeted by the second full bathroom. It’s truly a stunner! With dual sinks and even more storage for all your heart’s desires, this bathroom seeks to give your guests and/or children an amazing experience of their own. Speaking of guests and children, let’s check out the secondary bedrooms! 

No matter who is staying in them, these rooms offer privacy and design personalization (posters or paintings on the walls? Maybe a tapestry? You choose)! How would you decorate this home? Let us know in the comments!  

There’s no wonder this home is a fan favorite, it surely has us over the moon! Lovin’ this model like we are? The Nova is available in select areas through the Sun Communities website and built by our factory in York, NE.  

Interested in specifically finding a great home near you? Enter the information of the location at which you’d like to build HERE

Bathrooms in Manufactured Homes That Will WOW You!

When it comes to a home, there are so many places and spaces to focus on. Of course, the kitchen is a focal point for many. And if you’re the homeowner, the primary suite is also very important. For those who enjoy entertaining others, the living room is a space you’ll revisit time and time again. But one space in the home that might go overlooked even though it’s touched by everyone who lives there and visits…is the bathroom!  

We’ve gathered some of our current favorite bathrooms in our factory-built homes. Let us know if you have any favorites in the comments below! 

NOTE: Read the “Editor’s Picks: Top 5 Homes Across the Country” blog HERE

Without further ado, let’s get into some great bathrooms! 

The Orleans Bathroom 

When we think of the bathrooms in our Orleans model, we can’t help but to be fooled into thinking it’s a spa! What do you MEAN this bathroom was manufactured in a factory?!? It might seem like magic, but in reality it’s just how we do things here at Champion® Homes.  

NOTE: Have you read the blog ALL about showers? Click here to head there now!

The Magnolia Bathroom 

The primary bathroom in The Magnolia is exactly the type of bathroom you’ll have no worries visiting every day. With tons of natural light, high quality fixtures and materials, cool tones and more, this is a bathroom of champions! 

The American Freedom 3276 HDZ Bathroom 

Don’t let the name of this model keep you from geeking out about its amazing bathroom! Is it normal to feel calmer just walking into a room? Who cares! Because when it comes to this bathroom, “normal” is the last word that comes to mind! What’s your favorite feature in this bathroom? 

The Winston Bathroom 

First things first, if you haven’t read the Featured Homes blog on the Winston, do that now! This home will blow your mind! When it comes to the bathroom, you AND your guests will love the LED backlit mirrors! Talk about freshening up! 

The Odyssey Bathroom 

Okay, so we’ve written a couple of blogs highlighting this model, but can you blame us? It’s AMAZING! It hasn’t won multiple awards for nothin’, folks! The bathroom in the Odyssey deserves its own callout because it is just SO chic and dynamic. Find other blogs featuring the Odyssey HERE

The Grande View Bathroom

Let’s get modular! The bathroom in the Grande View truly fits the name of the model…it’s GRAND for sure! Not only does the primary bath feature a huge walk-in closet, the shower in this bathroom? You’ll find it hard to leave! This home also has its own dedicated blog post, which you can read HERE!

It is said that “Soap is to the Body What Laughter is to the Soul,” and if that’s true, where you do the soaping up is so important! Ready to find an attainable home with the perfect bathrooms for you? Click here to browse homes near where you plan to build! 

At Silvercrest Village in California, View Our Homes Before Buying! 

The concept of “try before you buy” isn’t new at all. Whether it comes to more simple purchases such as clothing and food sampling at the market, or more monumental purchases such as a home, getting a feel for a purchase can add to your confidence and more. This is why we’re so excited to announce an innovative experience we’re providing for potential customers in California!  

The Silvercrest Village is an on-site addition to our Corona, CA manufacturing facility, and it’s open to the public! Open primarily during the week and on select weekend days, the Silvercrest Village features models from our Silvercrest brand and they’re fully open to your eyes and inquiries. Let’s learn about the models available for viewing and hours of operation.  

Silvercrest Village hosts an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), 2 park models, and a multi-section manufactured home! One of the park models is meant to be placed in a park and/or a resort for optimal functionality. An ADU, also known as a backyard house, guest house, or casita, is a small home that can be built in a factory and placed on the same lot alongside another, larger single-family home, or as a part of a community development. They are self-sufficient dwellings and contain a kitchen, a living area, bathroom facilities, and a bedroom. A park model is a perfect tiny getaway with nearly 400 square feet of living space, full-size appliances, built-in storage cabinets, covered porches and attractive architectural features. 

Last but not least, a manufactured home is an offsite-built home that is more economical, energy efficient and easier to attain than the site-built alternative.

So, at the Silvercrest Village, you’ll be able to get a taste of all of these! Let’s learn more about when visitors are welcome!  

ADDRESS: 299 N. Smith Ave., Corona, CA, 92878 

WEEKDAYS: Silvercrest Village is open throughout the week on Monday-Friday, from 9AM – 4:00PM. When you arrive to our office, you’ll get handed a set of keys for a self-guided tour through our models. Feel free to ask any of the on-site professionals any questions you may have. 

SELECT SATURDAYS: Silvercrest Village is open every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 9AM – 11:30AM for model tours guided by a team member. We’ll also have refreshments! 

Are you in California or hoping to build a home in California? You’ll definitely want to visit Silvercrest Village in Corona, CA! Not in California but still ready to find the Champion® Home for you? Click HERE to contact a local independent retailer! 

Why You Should Choose A Manufactured Home Over Site-Built 

The current homebuying market is…well, let’s just say it’s something. While it can be easy in this housing climate to become overwhelmed, there are some solutions available for easing the potential stress. One of those solutions? Factory-built homes! Understandably, there are lots of questions about prefabricated homes. But factory-built housing has come a long way, and these days you can get a factory-built home that’s virtually indistinguishable from the site-built alternative.  

Here are the top reasons why your next home should be manufactured in a factory instead of built on-site! 

#1: Cost 

More people are becoming aware that “stick-at-a-time” homebuilding is very costly…and costs are only going up! And here’s the thing you might not be aware of: because of this awareness, many homes built in newer subdivisions have off-site components brought in to reduce labor costs and speed up the building time. Since labor is one of the costlier parts of building, we systemize the build of components such as walls, flooring, insulation and more. What does this mean?  We take care of building a production setting without sacrificing quality. This, as you might imagine, greatly reduces the cost of the house. 

The sheer volume of output from a Champion Homes manufacturing facility leads to economies of scale which can’t be touched by on-site construction methods. Think: more for less! When you factor this into the plethora of model options we have for you to choose from, your pocketbook will thank you for choosing factory-built! 

NOTE: Click here to read the blog ‘How to Make Your Manufactured Home Look Site-Built!’ 

You can get curb appeal and more with offsite construction!

#2: Time 

If you’ve ever had an on-site home built or know someone who has, we likely don’t have to tell you about the countless frustrating delays that are to be expected in the traditional homebuilding process. Bathroom walls need finishing, but the plumber hasn’t come? Delay. Kitchen lights need to be turned on, but the inspector hasn’t come? Delay. Rain and snow won’t let up? Delay. Fed up yet? With Champion Homes, you get a Smarter Way to Build®. That means these problems don’t exist. Seriously! In many of our manufacturing facilities, our skilled craftspeople are churning out multiple homes in a single day.  

Our superior building environment lets us take advantage of some great techniques, which streamlines processes such as wall painting, cabinet installation and more! Watch this TikTok to see some of it in action! 

Take a look at some of our smarter-built kitchens below!

#3: Quality 

If the last 2 reasons didn’t sway you enough, this last one will! Our manufactured and modular homes are built with high quality processes and materials, making them durable and perfect for any life stage you may be in. If something has to drive down a highway to get to its destination, you bet your bottom dollar it must be built in a way that sustains its strength throughout the ride. Our homes do. Every day. 

Remember those skilled craftspeople we mentioned earlier? They make a world of a difference. Here’s the thing: with a site-built home, you’ll likely work with a general contractor who will perform the bulk of the construction. You know the saying: ‘jack of all trades…’ Well, in our factories the team is divided up into specialized crews. These skilled workers do a very particular range of tasks day in and day out, and they do them very well!  

Not to mention, all of our homes (even our tiny homes) are built to very strict standards and codes, which we meet and/or surpass with each home! Whether you’re getting a manufactured home, a modular home, or a park model, you can count on getting quality!  

Not to mention, the quality reporting in off-site building is superior as well. Just like the Senate has checks and balances, our process does as well to maintain the quality from the beginning to the end. Our floor plans and designs must be approved by HUD. We have inspections in every single station of the production line, with supervisors at every level. We also have third party inspectors within the facility that will walk every house at least once but can actually inspect any house at any time in the process and as many times as they want.  

This is all in addition to our regular audits. Long story short? We take quality seriously, unlike many general contractors who can throw the tools in the truck and move on to somewhere new. 

YES, the home above IS a manufactured home!

Buying a home is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. Don’t let the growing list of pains associated with building an on-site home get you down, there’s a smarter way to build®! With Champion Homes, you can experience what building and buying a home should feel like. Ready to get that feeling now? Get in touch with a local independent retailer today!  

Tiny Home Vacation House vs. Park Models: The Champion Advantage 

In this blog, we’ll detail why Park Models give you the benefits of tiny home living, without having to make tiny home compromises.  

Tiny home living is really trendy right now, and we totally understand why! Saving money, living greener and the ability to have a bohemian lifestyle are just a few of the many reasons to consider it. But may we suggest something even better? Park Model Living. Yep, with a Park Model, there are numerous additional reasons to consider going this route instead of building a tiny home. Here are some of those reasons and differences.  

When it comes to tiny homes, there’s no set standard for quality and safety. This means there’s likely no regulation that the cute tiny home floor plan you’re eyeing may not even be fit to be a home. Park Models, which are under 400 sq. Ft., are built to a certain standard of quality and safety, unlike the unofficial “tiny home.” Park Models can also be built to the ANSI Code.

NOTE: Looking for the most perfect tiny home village getaway for your next vacation? Read the blog HERE!

Park Models are cute, quaint getaways!

On to that “bohemian lifestyle” we mentioned earlier. If you’re looking to live where there’s always an oasis waiting for you to escape to, Park Models are definitely the superior housing option. Park models can be housed on private rural property in most states, as well as on most RV campgrounds and in resorts around the country. Many parks have attractive amenities such as pools & hot tubs, nightly bonfires and more! So basically, your life is a vacation. We’re already jealous! 

Okay, and we can’t forget to mention possibly the biggest advantage park models have over tiny homes: full sized appliances! Yes, Park Models offer full-sized amenities such as kitchens and baths, so you don’t have to compromise on essential comforts. Thinking about that upcoming trip with the grandkids? Now you can make it possible…without having to pull your hair out.  

Now, to the less cool but extremely important matter: financing. Maybe you’re in the market for a tiny home prefab and can’t find the options for your land. Maybe you cannot quite find the balance of attractiveness and ease. Then the solution to your problem is likely a Park Model! The RVIA park model label you’ll find by the front door of our park models makes them easy to finance and insure. 

While tiny homes and park models do have a lot of similarities, the differences make all the difference. If you’re looking for a comfortable option that you can place for a return adventure, a Park Model is your best bet. Interested in a Park Model? Find the floor plan for you today!  

QUIZ: What Home Type is Best Fit for You? 

Looking for a home but not sure what kind will fit your needs? This is the quiz for you!

There are so many options available to you when you decide to begin looking at homes for purchase! At Champion, we offer a wide variety® of homes to fit your specific needs and lifestyle. You might have already seen our blog outlining the difference between manufactured and modular homes. But, you might want to know which one works best for you. There are even more options outside of those two, so get comfortable and take this fun yet informative quiz that’ll take your preferences and tell you which type of home is best for you!

Without further ado, take the quiz below! Bonus points if you comment your results.

Which home type did you get as a result? If you’re ready to get going on making it yours, get in touch with an independent local retailer today!

Dream Vacay Alert: Tiny Home Getaways Near Lake Tahoe! 

Introducing the River West Resort!

Fun fact: ‘Bungalow’ is one of the most fun words to say. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself by saying it 3 times and see if your joy levels don’t double! 😉 And according to our resident Champion® Homes fun experts, the only thing more fun than saying bungalow? Vacationing in a chic tiny bungalow village! Read on if you’re interested! 

Introducing the River West Resort, a tiny piece of heaven in Reno, NV!  

If you’re looking to experience tiny living with a luxury appeal, this tiny home resort that sits on the Truckee River and is a quick drive from the country’s largest alpine lake NEEDS to be on your radar. When you first arrive to this one-of-a-kind development, you’ll find a set of absolutely adorable cottages that take the meaning of ‘fun’ to a whole new level.  

A recent visitor of the resort noted “The cottages are well appointed, newer, clean, and a very cozy alternative to hotels. The grounds are peaceful, nicely landscaped, and a very pleasant alternative to a hotel room. I would stay the RWR cottages again in a heartbeat.” And though we might be biased, we would have to agree! So, the next time you’re looking for a getaway, you’ll definitely want to consider River West Resort.  

Beautiful bungalows right on the Truckee River! Made by Champion Homes.

Champion Homes Cottages at the Resort 

Are you convinced? Great! Let’s get into the 6 cottages at the resort built by Champion and what makes them a vacationer’s dream come true.  

The Onyx 

View and book the Onyx here!
  • Accommodates: 4 guests 
  • Stats: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 lofts 
  • Key features: Large attached deck, 2 queen beds, oversized bathroom with accessible shower, farmhouse sink 

The Sunstone

View and book the Sunstone here!
  • Accommodates: 2 guests 
  • Stats: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom 
  • Key features: Open floor plan, large attached deck, 1 queen bed, microwave, farmhouse sink 

The Ruby

View and book the Ruby here!
  • Accommodates: 2 guests 
  • Stats: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom 
  • Key features: Large attached deck, king bed, large closet, dishwasher, dinette 

The Emerald

View and book the Emerald here!
  • Accommodates: 2 guests 
  • Stats: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom 
  • Key features: Large attached deck, open floor plan, king bed, large closet and bathroom, dishwasher 

The Amethyst

View and book the Amethyst here!
  • Accommodates: 2 guests 
  • Stats: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom 
  • Key features: Large attached deck, art deco furniture style, modern transparent cabinetry, dinette 

The Sapphire

View and book the Sapphire here!
  • Accommodates: 2 guests 
  • Stats: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom 
  • Key features: Large attached deck, king bed, large closet and bathroom, accessible shower, microwave 

Now, the only thing left to do is get those bags packed! We hope you’ll “treat yourself” by indulging in the natural beauty of the River West Resort and the quality of the Champion-built tiny bungalows to be found there. Come back and comment after you’ve completed your stay!  

These park models were built in our Corona, CA [which sells into California, Southern Nevada, Reno NV area & Western Arizona] and Weiser, ID [which sells into WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, UT and NV] manufacturing facilities! Looking to purchase a tiny abode of your own? Click here