Get a Clear Understanding Before Finding the Home for You

The world of factory-built homes is vast and full of so many options. Sometimes, all these options can cause confusion, which is the last thing we want when purchasing our forever home! That’s why we’re here to break down one of the essentials in the factory-built home industry: modular homes. What are they? Should you consider one, and why? We’re answering all the most important questions about modular homes.  

Let’s start with the basics: What is a modular home 

To keep it simple, a modular home is a home built in a climate-controlled factory, to local and state codes, such as the International Residential Code, or IRC. You may often hear modular homes described as “prefabricated homes.” A modular home is built in sections, or modules, which are then delivered to and assembled on the home site. 

  • Modular home exterior
  • Kitchen decor in a modular home
  • Modular home kitchen
  • Modular home dining room
  • Modular home living room
  • Modular home primary bedroom
  • Modular home primary bathroom shower
  • Modular home primary bathroom

Modular homes are similar to site-built homes; they use the same financing, are installed on similar fixed foundations (whether that be a basement or a crawl space) and provide multiple floors and luxuries as site-built homes.  

The advantage with modular homes is that they’re built in a controlled environment. If you’ve ever witnessed a site-built home in process, you have likely noticed the way the home and its materials become tattered due to unpredictable weather circumstances over the long period of time it takes to make the home weather tight. With a modular home, unpredictable weather plays less of a dependent role on the process and development of the home in comparison to site-built. This also provides an efficiency to the building process that you won’t witness with site-built construction. 

So, there you have it! A modular home gives you a breadth of options to truly create the home you’ll love to call…well…home! If you’re interested in learning about modular homes with hopes you can build one, Champion® Homes is definitely the place to start. 

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