The Contemporary Cabins

Welcome back to the Champion® Blog! Today’ we’re featuring not one, but two amazing homes! Now, you’ve seen some amazing double-section homes, and you’ve even seen stunning triple-section homes…but did you know we also make the best single-section homes, too? With features you’ll love and a true-to-name contemporary feel, let’s get into them! 

Contemporary Cabin A700 

This tiny home has 1 bed, 1 bath and 637 square feet! There’s a trendy sloped roof, tons of natural light and…well, see for yourself first! 

When you first enter the Contemporary Cabin A700 from the 7-foot porch, you’re greeted by a rustic living room space. Once you stroll to the kitchen, there are sliding doors for outdoor access right there…which makes it easy to enjoy your Eggs Benedict outside! Past the kitchen are the laundry allotment, the bathroom and finally the bedroom. The bedroom features a spacious closet and personal bathroom access. There’s so much to love about this home! 

Contemporary Cabin A701 

Moving on to another amazing single-section option, the Contemporary Cabin A701 has 2 beds, 1 bath and 758 square feet.  

Come in from the 8-foot porch and step foot into the common living area. In this home, the second bathroom is right past the kitchen, conveniently across from the laundry allotment. Both bedrooms feature innovative transom windows, making use of the space while also bringing refreshing natural light. There are also multiple entrances in this home! 

Both Contemporary Cabins are built in our Ark City, KS manufacturing facility! If you’re in the area or nearby and interested, check out their landing pages HERE and HERE! Not in the area but ready to find the perfect home to fit your needs? Click here to get in touch with an independent local retailer!  

At Silvercrest Village in California, View Our Homes Before Buying! 

The concept of “try before you buy” isn’t new at all. Whether it comes to more simple purchases such as clothing and food sampling at the market, or more monumental purchases such as a home, getting a feel for a purchase can add to your confidence and more. This is why we’re so excited to announce an innovative experience we’re providing for potential customers in California!  

The Silvercrest Village is an on-site addition to our Corona, CA manufacturing facility, and it’s open to the public! Open primarily during the week and on select weekend days, the Silvercrest Village features models from our Silvercrest brand and they’re fully open to your eyes and inquiries. Let’s learn about the models available for viewing and hours of operation.  

Silvercrest Village hosts an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), 2 park models, and a multi-section manufactured home! One of the park models is meant to be placed in a park and/or a resort for optimal functionality. An ADU, also known as a backyard house, guest house, or casita, is a small home that can be built in a factory and placed on the same lot alongside another, larger single-family home, or as a part of a community development. They are self-sufficient dwellings and contain a kitchen, a living area, bathroom facilities, and a bedroom. A park model is a perfect tiny getaway with nearly 400 square feet of living space, full-size appliances, built-in storage cabinets, covered porches and attractive architectural features. 

Last but not least, a manufactured home is an offsite-built home that is more economical, energy efficient and easier to attain than the site-built alternative.

So, at the Silvercrest Village, you’ll be able to get a taste of all of these! Let’s learn more about when visitors are welcome!  

ADDRESS: 299 N. Smith Ave., Corona, CA, 92878 

WEEKDAYS: Silvercrest Village is open throughout the week on Monday-Friday, from 9AM – 4:00PM. When you arrive to our office, you’ll get handed a set of keys for a self-guided tour through our models. Feel free to ask any of the on-site professionals any questions you may have. 

SELECT SATURDAYS: Silvercrest Village is open every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 9AM – 11:30AM for model tours guided by a team member. We’ll also have refreshments! 

Are you in California or hoping to build a home in California? You’ll definitely want to visit Silvercrest Village in Corona, CA! Not in California but still ready to find the Champion® Home for you? Click HERE to contact a local independent retailer! 

QUIZ: What Home Type is Best Fit for You? 

Looking for a home but not sure what kind will fit your needs? This is the quiz for you!

There are so many options available to you when you decide to begin looking at homes for purchase! At Champion, we offer a wide variety® of homes to fit your specific needs and lifestyle. You might have already seen our blog outlining the difference between manufactured and modular homes. But, you might want to know which one works best for you. There are even more options outside of those two, so get comfortable and take this fun yet informative quiz that’ll take your preferences and tell you which type of home is best for you!

Without further ado, take the quiz below! Bonus points if you comment your results.

Which home type did you get as a result? If you’re ready to get going on making it yours, get in touch with an independent local retailer today!

Country Cottage

The Exterior Is your classic farmhouse style with white vinyl siding and black accents. There is an optional six-foot covered porch built in the front of the home. Enjoy this feature on summer nights with a glass of iced tea and a good book. Large windows are also scattered throughout the home to bring in beautiful natural light. 

The Details – When you first walk in, you are greeted with an upscale kitchen with dark wooden cabinets. The appliances are stainless steel and include a farmhouse sink and a double door fridge. On the other side is a living room that can fit a dining set for two. It is flooded with natural lighting and includes a nook for a creative space. 

The Comfort – Moving towards the back to find the bedroom and the bathroom, you will find more rustic features that tie this home together. The bedroom includes barn doors that take you to your closet space with built in shelves, another innovative design to help create value in a tiny home style. The bathroom shower is surrounded with a ceramic finish in a modern black marble appeal. The vanity is designed to have storage above and below to meet your organizational needs. 

This Park Model is beyond its beautiful features, this Country Cottage is an oasis. Whether you place it on a lake in your favorite vacation spot, or you wake up to the natural lit living room in the morning, you will fall in love with the space it curates and the memories that will take you along the way. Find more information on this model here.