How to Increase (and Maintain) Your Manufactured Home Value 

Manufactured homes can appreciate in value just like any other home!

Factory-built homes have been seeing a rise in popularity over the years, and there’s no question why: they are built faster, more affordable and just as attractive as their site-built counterparts. This is especially true with Champion® Homes, since we’ve been a leader in building high quality manufactured and modular homes for decades.  

Even with the rising popularity of factory-built homes, people still have worries. One of the main worries is the value of the home after it leaves the retail lot and is placed on land for you to live in. Because of this, many owners of manufactured homes have decided to invest in upgrades to improve their curb appeal and chances of a higher sales price in the future. Yes, you do have power in this issue! When you combine that power with Champion’s high-quality practices and materials, you will find yourself much better off than what common perceptions might believe.  

Here are some things that can be done to keep a high value manufactured home.  

Better Appliances, Better Home

The first step to home value appreciation is made easy when buying with Champion, and that is to install energy-efficient appliances, which luckily come standard in our homes! When you are shopping for your home with your local retailer you’ll explore options of brand-new Whirlpool® appliances, many of which are Energy Star® compliant. These not only lend home value, but they also look darn good too! 

The Innovation 2860S is built in our Athens, TX manufacturing facility 

Curb Appeal Helps Everyone 

Curb appeal doesn’t only give you the warm & fuzzies when you’re coming home after a long day, it also helps the entire neighborhood and surrounding area! Not to mention, your home value! Improving curb appeal can include keeping the exterior paint on your model up-to-date and potentially getting a fresh coat when it’s needed. Or you could simply choose from some of our upgraded siding selections to drive the appeal home (pun intended). 

Curb appeal also includes landscaping, like making sure the front lawn gives an appealing traditional feel with details like a walk up or some nice flower beds. Even more influential, consider adding a front porch or garage! Not sure where to start? No worries, we’ve got a whole blog on manufactured home garages HERE!  

Consider A Community 

Manufactured Home communities are great options for homeowners for many, many reasons. We made a whole TikTok on the topic because there are so many (watch it here)! The perks and amenities associated with living in a land-lease community can add significant value. Ground maintenance being taken care of, potential access to clubhouses and swimming pools are just a few perks you might find. Thanks to these perks and the HOA you could join in a community, maintaining your home’s value will be much smoother! Need help searching for a community that fits your needs? We’ve got you! Click HERE

Key standout features of the Titan Extreme 2864H include 3 walk-in closets, a vanity in the primary bath, a walk-in pantry and MORE. 

To account for the differing value details that manufactured homes have in comparison to site-built, a solution is to invest in the quality of your home with desired upgrades, energy-efficient improvements and more. Ready to find the home for you? Get in touch with a local retailer today!  

Figuring Out Where to Put a Manufactured Home 

If You’ve Ever Thought “I like your homes…but where do I put them?” this is the blog for you! 

So, you found it. You found the manufactured home for you, and you’re ready to just live in it already! Great! If you’ve made the smart decision in choosing a quality Champion® Homes prefab home, you’re likely trying to figure out one important detail: where does the home go??! Have no fear, the Champion® Homes Blog is here to help.  

Your Choices 

When considering where you want to place your manufactured home, you’ll have 2 main choices: privately owned land, or land within a land lease community. When trying to choose the option that works best for you, you’ll want to consider a variety of factors. Let’s get into them! 

NOTE: Still trying to figure out the right home style for you? Click HERE to take the quiz! 

The Chipper is a 3-bedroom home built in our Millen, GA facility. 

Option 1: Private Land 

If you’re considering buying private land to place your prefab home on, you might prefer the privacy and personalization potential of having your own lot. Where do people go when they are shopping for land? Websites such as and are great options! You can search the area where you want to live and select “Lots/land”, etc. If this is the route you would like to take, there are quite a few details to make sure you’ve thought of before signing the dotted line. These details include: 

  • Lot size. Understandably so, you’ll want to make sure the lot you plan to purchase will have enough room to place your manufactured home. This might also need to include space on each side of the property line, also known as a ‘setback.’ When you purchase property, you should be given a document outlining the setbacks. This is especially important when you’re thinking of living in a subdivision. 
  • Zoning Requirements. This will likely differ from area to area. You’ll want to get with your local municipality before purchasing a lot to make sure manufactured homes are approved in that location. Reach out to your county officials for this information.  
  • Regulations. Your home might need to be placed in a specific location or face a specific direction on the land.  
  • HOA Covenants. You’ll also want to investigate homeowner covenants that may apply to you should you choose to live in a community with a homeowner’s association, for example “must at least have a 2-car garage,” “side-entry garage required” or “needs a covered front entry.”  
  • Permits. After you’ve gotten through zoning and any restrictions, it’s important to secure any necessary permits for placing your home. This could include permits for additional construction services. A local retailer can help guide you through this process. 
  • Environmental concerns. It is recommended to perform a perc and soils test of the land before you even think about placing a home there. This ensures adequate soil drainage and without it, you could face lots of problems down the line.  
  • Utilities. Are utilities available on the property? These include natural gas, water or well, electricity, sewer or septic. If not, it’s time to figure out the costs for getting them on your property. The retailer you work with will be able to help with this too! 
  • Required preparation. Is the lot hilly? Are there lots of trees? Are there overhead wires that need to be removed? These are just a couple of factors you’ll need to consider when getting the land prepared for a home to be safely placed.  

Another great resource to help you through this process is a local retailer! They will be able to help you find the home, and lot, of your dreams – then guide you through the process of preparing your land. Click here to find a retailer in your area. 

Option 2: Manufactured Housing Community (Land Lease) 

For others, the best choice is going with a manufactured home community. In most cases, you’ll be able to rent the land for your home in a community. In some other cases, you’ll be able to buy land or participate in a rent-to-own program.  

There are many perks to living in a manufactured home community; many have amenities like a pool, fitness center, green space and home care like grass watering. 


Manufactured living communities are…waiiiiit for it….AMAZING 😅 Take a stroll through Cider Mill Crossings, a Sun Community, with Charlie! #manufacturedhomes #modernmobilehomes #SplashSummerVibe #factorybuilthousing #mobilehomeliving #championhomes #mobilehome

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Check out this TikTok for more information on living in a manufactured home community! 

The main detail you’ll need to consider when choosing the community route? Making sure you find the right community near you that fits your needs. Are there specific age requirements? If you have a family, will the specific amenities do well with the kids? These are some important questions to ask yourself as you decide on the community for you.  

Another great perk of communities is they will help to guide you through the process of finding a home. Looking to find a community in your area? We’ve got you covered: click here!  

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