What Happens Inside a Manufactured Home Factory 

You might already be aware that offsite homebuilding is A Smarter Way to Build®. Well, it’s true! Manufactured and modular homes are fast, affordable and attractive. But how do these innovative homes come to be? Skilled craftspeople, of course! Thanks to our amazing teams of builders across the country, you can find a gorgeous prefab home near you with ease and trust.  

Let’s take a peek into what goes on inside one of the factories where these fast, affordable and attractive homes are built! Come with us to Sugarcreek, OH and feast your eyes on the nuts and bolts of building a modern manufactured home!  

 1. We’re Goin’ Down, Down Baby! 

The cabinets are constructed upstairs and then transported down a ramp for installation inside the house.  

2. Know the Drill 

During the installation and construction of plumbing systems in manufactured homes, the HUD Code provides the necessary guidelines to ensure proper implementation. Check out this real-time plumbing! 

3. Keeping You Cozy 

Installation of insulation occurs while wall sections are on the jig to ensure a secure fit. Want to learn more about insulation in our energy efficient homes? Click here

4. A Fine Line Between Fast & Faster 

The Gang Nailer is a game-changer for our workers, enabling them to work with greater efficiency and precision when constructing walls. Thanks to its capability to attach drywall to the wall framing quickly, we can now build more durable walls in less time than ever before. 

5. To Top it Off… 

Roof sections are constructed in a specific area and then lifted onto the top of the building using a crane or hoist. This ensures that the roof is properly installed and will provide the necessary protection for the home. 

6. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! 

Roofers have the advantage of working indoors, away from harsh weather conditions and other outdoor hazards. Similarly, in offsite construction, working in a protected indoor environment is one of the reasons why it is often faster and more efficient than traditional site-built homebuilding. 

How to Tour a Home from the Comfort of your Couch 

When you’re ready to see the home’s floor plan but not ready to make the trek to a retailer, we’ve got your solution!

Did you know that with Champion® Homes, you’ve got the option to see the interior (and exterior) of a home you’ve digitally fallen in love with without having to go outside? It’s true! Here at Champion®, we are always trying to enhance your home shopping experience, and that includes giving you a comprehensive way to tour a manufactured or modular home.  

The Ironclad 3276 (virtual tour above)

First, let’s find models near you that you love! You can complete a home search using the location details of where you’d like to build and place the home. Once you have a list of models that are available to you, you’ll be able to view home landing pages on our website!   

NOTE: Need more information on how to find a great home with everything you need near you? Click HERE to read the blog!  

Once you’ve found your way to the web landing page for the model(s) you’re interested in, all that’s left to do is…scroll! You’ll soon find our high-quality virtual tours where you can tap your way throughout the home as if you were physically there!  

The living room in the Aspire is just SO good. View the virtual tour of this home above! 

In our virtual tours, you can see the home as a whole with the floor plan, click to be taken to specific rooms/areas of the home, or just flow from room to room as you would normally. It’s just like you’re touring the home in person! You can even zoom into features you’re curious about and get a real feel of the space from the comfort of your living room! Our Matterport tours also allow for certain measurement capabilities so you can compare sizes of features you see.  

There you have it! Now, here’s the thing…these virtual tours are SO FUN! So don’t be surprised if you find yourself touring another home and another home and another home, because we’ve got that many! Ready to get touring? Click here to find a home near you and check out the landing page!