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Spring is right around the corner, and with that there are two words that come to mind… SPRING CLEANING! Organizing, cleaning, and decluttering your home can be quite the task. This article is going to be filled with supportive tips and tricks for optimizing your storage space.

Many of our homes come with large closets, multiple cabinets, and built-in wire shelves. Our goal is to create space for homeowners to make the most of your home. With all the trendy organization hacks and schedules you likely see on your social media timeline, it can be overwhelming. However, once you are done with this article, you will look forward to spring cleaning!

Check out all the space in the Odyssey 2860 – built in Ephrata, PA

Making the most with wire shelves

Built-in shelves can be amazing if you know how to utilize the space! Our team recommends clear plastic storage containers and bins to help level up your space. The clear part makes it easy to see what’s being stored inside each bin, and you can write on the exterior to stay a step ahead of finding what you need. These can range in sizes from larger bins to put stuff away to smaller bins for all those random pesky cords.

If you have items that can be stacked, think about getting clear stackable drawers. We have found this to be helpful in pantries, closets, and any other space! You are getting the most out of your space when you think vertically.

The den in the TR-20727 has a layout that’s perfect for organization.

Elevate your space

Whether it’s “that” storage room with way too much stuff or everyday spaces like your bathroom, small changes can elevate your areas!

Let’s start with the bathroom. Floating shelves can go a long way with giving your room a designer touch and helping store items. Think about adding a space for small towels, putting cotton balls in an #aesthetic jar, or keeping a fresh plant to help change the mood of the space. If you’re into make-up, think about upgrading to an organizer to keep on the counter or underneath the vanity. This will help save space and keep your routines organized.

There may be that one room you have avoided, thrown old memorabilia in, or just waiting for the right time to turn it into your sanctuary! Here are three key pieces that are both affordable and keep the designer touch in mind:

  1. Bookshelf. These can be found at various stores with different prices but can elevate your space! You don’t have to be a big reader to have one. Let your collectables shine, your plants thrive, or your pottery have a place.
  2. Movable Organizations. These are great for arts and crafts, toys, or anything else where you have multiple of one item and one big box is not cutting it. Having the drawers on wheels can make it for easy access across the room.
  3. Table or Desk. Make this space yours for creativity and help optimize storage along the way. Utilize the drawers for important paperwork or documents. Another space you can decorate and elevate the room!

No more junk drawers

Whether you have 100 drawers or 10, there is usually one “catch all” place. Remember those times you just need the ONE battery, but you find eight others that do not match up with the one you need? Or all those pens you have collected from trade shows, bank runs, or school functions? We all have this drawer, and they are all possible of finding organization.

We recommend finding clear bins or small storage holders to help organize this space. Keep all the writing utensils in one bin, another bin can be only for batteries, local coupons in another, the options are endless but when you organize this space it can make your life easier! Take this method beyond to your bathroom drawers, office space, and more. These tiny bins will optimize your space to the max!

Well, those are your tips and tricks from Champion® Homes to optimize your storage! Next time you are on a cleaning spree, remember this article!

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