There are many details people look in to when shopping for a new home. The exterior, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, floor plan and more. You might have read our blog post dedicated to all things range hoods, which have stylistically come a long way since just being there to filter air! Another home feature people are increasingly interested in? Showers! And we get it: when you come home from a long day out in the elements, the shower might as well be calling your name! So having a shower that checks the boxes is important to the feel of the whole bathroom. 

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If you didn’t know prefabricated homes can and do have competitive bathrooms with showers just as nice (if not nicer!) than site-built homes, you will know after finishing this blog! Let’s get into 7 of our homes with showers that really set the tone and will have you ready for a rinse! 

#1: Pelican 

The Pelican is built in our Leesville, LA manufacturing facility. We mentioned this home in our range hoods article, and it’s making another appearance here because it has so many great aspects! (Hmm, should we do a dedicated Featured Homes blog on the Pelican? Comment ‘feature that home!’ if you think so!)  

The shower in this home is incredibly chic and modern, with cool neutrals and a super trendy shower head!  

#2: Pontchartrain  

The Pontchartrain’s shower brings the artistic world right into your home with a beautiful display of Calacatta marbling and plenty of space for your soaps, scrubs, shampoos and more! Phew, try saying that 3 times fast! 

This home is also built in our Leesville facility.  

#3: Transitions-20727 

Leaving the state of Louisiana, you’ll still find great homes such as the Transitions-20727, which is built in Corona, CA. Honestly, when it comes to this home, it’s better to show than tell. Feast your eyes!

One thing that stands out about this shower is all the support it provides! The seat/ledge, the dipped footing, the product alcoves, the natural lighting, the tall ceiling…this shower knows how to deliver!  

#4: Davenport 

Okay, we know this blog is focusing on showers, but you just have to view the shower in this home with the context of the whole bathroom to just…get it. There is such a seamless flow from the bold cabinetry to the shower’s exterior wall. All in all, the shower in this home (built in Liverpool, PA) creates balance.

#5: Titan Extreme 2864H 

Clean and well-lit are two ways to describe the shower in the Titan Extreme 2864H! This home, built in Athens, TX, has a spacious shower that conveniently leads to the closet and vanity! Check it out below! 

#6: Innovation 2864H  

You all loved the shot of the kitchen in this home featured in our Manufactured Home Value blog post. One thing great about Champion® Homes? Our homes are holistically beautiful and functional! The shower in this home just SCREAMS “squeaky clean”! This home is also built in Athens, TX! 

These showers are just a small selection of the many, many great options we offer here at Champion. No matter your design style, you can find the shower, bathroom, and overall home that will meet your needs! Ready to get started on securing your next home? Click here to get in touch with an independent local retailer and find out what’s available in YOUR area!  

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